“5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” – A Countdown to Worship (Renewing the Mind)

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional

By: Jeremy Heikkinen

Who doesn’t like a good countdown?! We do it for for the things we like and dislike: going back to school (like this week), going on vacation, cooking and baking, starting our services on Sunday, ringing in the New Year, etc. Countdowns keep us on track, creates anticipation, provides hope in pain, and parameters.

Here at Central we are seeking to become like Jesus as we worship, grow, and serve. We look at ‘Worship’ as a time for our minds to be renewed in the truth of God’s Word, the Scriptures. As we have come through the countdown of summer and come back to the ‘routine’ of the Fall, what is your plan for renewing your mind in the Scriptures? Where are you reading in God’s Word these days? Summer can be difficult to set aside a consistent time to study the Scriptures and if you are like me, it is easy to get out of routine. Here is a countdown that can help you get back in the routine of renewing your mind:

5- Take 5-10 minutes to read 5-10 verses.

• I suggest you choose the time of the day you are at your best (morning, evening, etc.)

• Choose a consistent location where you can have your Bible and notebook easily accessible (if possible even keep your Bible open).

• Pick a book or chapter in God’s Word that you would like to read through.

4- Observations

• What does the text say (who, what, when, where, why, and how)?

• What questions do you have about what the text says?

3- Application

• Based off the text, is there something that you need to confess and forsake?

• Based off the text, what would it look/sound like for you to become more like Jesus today?

2- Praises

• What is something from your life circumstances and events that you are thankful for (weather, good conversation with someone, good night’s sleep, etc)?

• What is something about God that never changes that you are thankful for?

1- Prayer

• What is on your heart today?

• What would you like God’s help in today?

• Who is someone that you should pray for and check in on today?

5,4,3,2,1 and done! It does not have to be more complicated than that. This is what I seek to do in the morning as I work my way through Philippians right now. You don’t need to spend hours unless you have have hours to spend. Track your progress in a notebook. If you miss a day, seek to pick up where you left off. As a reminder to one another try giving someone a ‘high-five’ and asking, “how is renewing your mind in God’s Word going”? I challenge you, when you see me, give me a ‘high-five’ and ask me, but be prepared, I might ask you in return. Becoming more like Jesus starts with renewing our minds in the Scriptures because the Scriptures define who Jesus is!


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