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The Monarch and The Evangelist

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: Roger Wood  The Monarch In 1947 while on tour in southern Africa with her parents and on her 21st birthday, Princess Elizabeth made the rather prophetic pledge via broadcast to the people of the British Commonwealth. “I declare before you all, that my whole life whether it be long or […]

Fly Right

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: Casey Korstanje  The flight instructor turned to the student pilot and said, “Ok, let’s descend and land.”  “Right,” said the student.  The instructor watched closely, her hands hovering over the controls. This was going to be the student’s first approach.  “He’s doing great,” she thought. “So relaxed, smiling. No […]


Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: John Kerr While flying into Abbotsford this spring, I was treated to a view of the Rocky Mountains that I had never experienced. Flying across a cloudless sky the scope of those mountains was breathtaking. Valleys and rivers abounded. I am sure that I saw places that had never […]

Grumpy Face

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: Laurie Korstanie Recently, my husband Casey and I were at a small restaurant for lunch. We went for fish and chips.  We were the only ones in the restaurant and stood at the counter looking up at a blackboard where their menu was written out.  It included various items, […]