Author: Central Baptist

“How Long?”

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: Pastor Jeremy Heikkinen               So, “how long” did it take you before you asked someone else their “how long” request? “How long” was your conversation? Okay, okay, I will stop asking “how long.” But seriously, have you asked someone or talked with someone about what has you […]

All In

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: John Kerr               I like log cabins. Facebook posts many pics of beautiful cabins in the mountains and by a flowing river. I clicked on the “like” button and now Facebook algorithms have inundated me with similar pictures. But one in particular got my attention: “live off-grid; […]

Calling for Justice is Calling for Jesus

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: Pastor Lars Janssen             Our world calls out for justice, and rightly so. Have you heard the cry? In Canada, it sounds like slogans such as Every Child Matters. It sounds like our govern­ment’s ongoing conversation with our indigenous peoples about truth and reconciliation. It sounds like calling out against […]

God Is Not Limited by Our Fears

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: Rebecca Feere                       Over the past few days, I have been reflecting on the 2023 Christmas season. This past Christmas season, I claimed a verse that is part of the Biblical Christmas narrative. It’s a verse you rarely, if ever, find on Christmas cards or in carols. […]

Good Medicine

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: Casey Korstanje                      I missed Majors last week, in the fullest sense of the word.          I was unable to attend, and I was stuck doing something unpleasant instead of meeting friends at the church for lunch and fellowship.          I was cheered later to learn that people had […]