Check Out Our New & Ongoing Growth Groups

We’re not rushing you––promise!––but soon, the warm days of Summer will be replaced by Autumn’s cooler evenings, brilliant colour in the trees, and mugs of warm apple cider.

It’s also the time when many of our ministries, programs, and events return to the church calendar. Of particular note is our ever-growing roster of Growth Groups.

You can taste it now, can’t you? 🙂

What Are Growth Groups?

Growth Groups provide a safe, caring, and friendly environment with a small number of people from our church family. These groups gather regularly for Bible-centred discussions that engage our hearts so that we become more like Jesus in every part of our lives.

Growth Groups are an integral part of the life of our church, and we encourage you to join one of them listed on the Growth Group page. There you’ll find Growth Groups galore, with contact info for group leaders, along with the times and locations.

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