Dig A Little Deeper

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional

by: Pastor Jeremy Heikkinen

Here is your challenge! In preparation for the sermon on Sunday, I challenge you to read, out loud, Nehemiah chapter 3. You might say, “well, that doesn’t sound too hard” and your are right. But, it is one of those chapters with a lot of names in it. After reading it out loud and laughing a few times at what comes out of your mouth, pick one person/family from the list. Now, do some research. Find out everything that you can about this person/family:

1. What does this name mean in Hebrew?

2. Where did they live?

3. Where else is this person/family referenced in Scripture?

4. How does their involvement change the course of history for their family or the Kingdom of God?

This Sunday we are going to see how Nehemiah divides the crew up in order to do the Word of the Lord. God uses different skill sets and appoints distinct leaders to accomplish the work. At the end of the chapter, we see the people develop ownership of this work as they build their very households into the wall. They are invested in the work of the Lord.

Be prepared. I am going to poke at you on Sunday. How does God want to use you as we seek to re-build the ministry here at Central? Maybe you are interested in the “physical structure” of the church (building, numbers, tech, etc.) and you are gifted at serving physically. That is great! Then serve with all the strength that God gives you! Maybe you are interested in “people seeking” and are gifted at speaking to people. That is great! Then speak the oracles of God!

We are going to highlight some of the ministry opportunities and people giving oversight to them. Come prepared to hear the Word of the Lord.

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