Afraid of Monsters?

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional

By: John Kerr

Do you remember, as children, being afraid of monsters or, in some cultures, the boogeyman? As we grow up, we usually outgrow these childish fears, or do we?

When I lived out west, I enjoyed the freedom of riding along quiet roads that cut through the rugged Peace River valley. On one trip, I stopped for a hydration break and looked at Peace River as it snaked through this part of BC. While I was standing there, I heard leaves crunching not too far away. I looked around, trying to pinpoint where the sound was coming from, ready to make a quick exit. The crunching leaves continued and seemed to be getting closer! I was most afraid of black bears because they are amazingly quick runners, despite their size. Many a cyclist has been chased by Yogi!

I confess that the adrenaline was starting to flow, and I was ready to go when I saw the source of my concern – a robin! A big fat robin was hopping along crunching leaves like a creature many times his size. If you have experienced being out in the bush in an area free from the noise of anything other than the wind blowing or a stream flowing, you know how sound can travel. I got on my bike, smiling to myself at my embarrassment.

In our spiritual lives, we have certain things that, often from an early point, we are taught to be aware of. Our enemy, who is very real, is pictured as a roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8) and an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). He manifested himself to Adam and Eve as a serpent, a very crafty creature.

Sometimes we can be beguiled by the enemy and stand around watching rather than putting a safe distance between us and his threat.

Monsters and boogeymen may be childish fears, but we must be on guard against what can harm us. So, remember to be aware of the bad things out there, but our confidence is in the Lord.

By the way, I have never looked at a robin the same way again!

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