Subscribe to the Events Calendar

Always Be In The Know!

The Events Calendar on our website can now be added to your own virtual calendar as a subscription.

Once subscribed, you can see what’s coming up at Central and keep up-to-date with any last-minute changes.

You can now add church events to your Google Calendar or iCalendar with the click of a button which allows you to see future events without continually having to remember to check on the website for updates.

Our main events calendar page now includes a handy subscribe button right at the bottom of the page. You’ll find a dropdown list there, with choices for Google Calendar, iCalendar, and the classic .ics export.

Once you click on Google Calendar or iCalendar, you’ll be redirected to your calendar application of choice and can add the church events calendar with one simple click. Further features (such as being notified of newly-added events) can be added in the settings of your calendar program.

If you’d rather not add the whole events calendar but are interested in only certain events, you can add them individually. On a single event page, the Google Calendar link will add the event directly to your Google Calendar. The iCal Export link downloads an .ics file for you to import to iCalendar or another calendar source.

As always, our Events Calendar can be accessed directly here:

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