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What is Truth?

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: Casey Korstanje My youngest brother is a magician. I mean that in the “hand is quicker than the eye, now you see me, now you don’t” illusionist sense. It’s a hobby he has enjoyed for going on 50 years. And he is good at it, very good. I have […]

Be Thinking Christians

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: Lars Janssen There are many complex circumstances in our world. Between such things as the war in Ukraine, Pride month, and the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Christians are often left wondering how to respond. The world we live in is undeniably complex and requires us to turn off […]

Faith & Politics: A Better Way

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: Charlie Lyons I grew up in a setting where it was taught that we shouldn’t talk about religion and politics in public. Years later, through a mixture of what I like to call ‘divine hijinx and human bumbling,’ I find myself living out my vocation at the very intersection […]

A Step of Transition

Challenge Central: a CBC devotional By: Jeremy Heikkinen This is graduation week for Central Baptist Academy. Our grade 8 students have made it and so have many other students! This is something to celebrate. For those that are graduating, these are the last few days in a familiar place before stepping into new territory. But […]