The King Prepares: The Power of Prayer

May 23 2021
Book: Mark

Bible Passage: Mark 14:32-42


The circumstances of life cause us to communicate the desires of our hearts and choose to commit to God’s Will or our will.


  1. Gethsemane: “My Soul is Very Sorrowful” (vs. 32-36)
  2. Sleeping: “The Flesh is Easily Overwhelmed” (vs. 37-39)
  3. Sleeping: No Good Answer (vs. 40-42)

Discussion Questions

Worship by renewing our minds:
  • Where were we looking in God’s Word? Summarize it in your own words.
  • Did you have any questions about certain words, the text, or what was said?
  • What do you think God wants us to understand about this section of Scripture? What is the purpose of including it in the Bible (How does it point to Jesus)?
  • Who does Jesus take with him as He goes to pray? What does He tell them in vs. 34?
  • What specifically does Jesus pray to the Father in verse 36?
  • Summarize the events of verses 37-41?
Grow by engaging our hearts with God’s Word:
  • How does Jesus describe the state of His soul in verses 33-34. When was the last time you felt this way? Who do you share your heart with?
  • In what ways does this passage help us when we communicate to people about the state of our hearts and they seem to be uninterested or bored?
  • The true companion in this section is God the Father, Abba. How are you doing with your heavenly Abba these days?
Serve a hurting world by enlisting our bodies:
  • What is one way you can remind yourself of God’s faithfulness when those around you let you down?
  • How does this section affect your prayer habits? Is there anything that you need to bring to Him this week that you are struggling with?
  • Take time this week to sit, fall on the ground, and pour your heart out to Jesus.