The Power of the Resurrection: Transformation

Bible Passage: Romans 5:1-5


  • Peace With God
  • Access Into Grace In Which We Stand
  • Rejoicing In the Hope of the Glory of God
  • Rejoicing In Suffering

Discussion Questions

Thinking (What does the Word of God say, “Exegesis”?) Head:
  • Where were we looking in Gods Word? Summarize it in your own words.
  • Did you have any questions about certain words, the text, or what was said?
  • What do you think God wants us to understand about this section of Scripture?  What is the purpose of including it in the Bible (How does it point to Jesus)?
  • What do the justified by faith have with God in verse 1? How is that different than the “peace of God”?
  • Verse 2 states that through Jesus we have access to grace. How do we get that? What are we to do with it according to this verse?
  • How does verse 3 build on verse 2?
  • Who allows us to have a hope that doesn’t put us to shame in verse 5?
Attitude (My pattern of response to God and His Word, “Hermeneutic”) Heart:
  • What is your best illustration/analogy/testimony of transformation?
  • How has God been transforming you during the lockdowns and restrictions of Covid?
  • What is your heart’s response to the sequence of events in verses 3-5? What aspect has the Holy Spirit been at work in you lately?
  • What is your heart’s response to this quote from Pastor Donald: “When we hide our failures it leads to condemnation”? Why do we hide our failures if we are being transformed?
Behaviour (How does Jesus want to change me, what will His truth look/sound like in my life? “Application”) Hands:
  • How would you use these verses to encourage/comfort a friend that is struggling with feelings of shame, disappointment, or even depression over a lack of spiritual growth/transformation?
  • If we stand in grace, what compels you to hide in shame?
  • What does it look/sound like for you to stand, by faith, in grace and rejoice when you suffer? Where do you stand? What do you tell yourself? What do you listen to? Who do you call?