The Power of the Resurrection: Rejoice!

March 28 2021

Bible Passage: Colossians 3:1-17


Rejoicing is a by-product of seeking with my heart and setting my mind on what I have in Christ.


  1. If You Have been Raised: Seek, Set, Secure (vs. 1-4)
  2. Put to Death what is Earthly: Idolatry (vs. 5-11)
  3. Put on as God’s Chosen: Identity (vs. 12-17)

Discussion Questions

Worship by renewing our minds:
  • Where were we looking in God’s Word? Summarize it in your own words.
  • Did you have any questions about certain words, the text, or what was said?
  • What do you think God wants us to understand about this section of Scripture? What is the purpose of including it in the Bible (How does it point to Jesus)?
  • What does Paul encourage the people to seek, set, and secure in verses 1-4?
  • Paul commands the people to put what to death in verses 5-11?
  • Verses 12-14 command believers, God’s chosen, to put on what? How are we to do this according to verses 15-17?
Grow by engaging our hearts with God’s Word:
  • What things have been heavy on your mind this week that you have been thinking about in the mundane moments when your mind drifts?
  • What are you waiting for to appear before you will rejoice?
  • What earthly morals and emotions listed in verses 5-9 seem to rob you the most of rejoicing?
  • What makes forgiveness so hard?
Serve a hurting world by enlisting our bodies:
  • What does it look like for you to seek the things that are above in your life day-to-day?
  • What does it look like for you to set your mind on things above in your life day-to-day?
  • How is the peace of Christ ruling your heart this week?
  • How is the word of Christ swelling richly in you? What teaching are you listening to? What counselling are you receiving? What songs are you singing?