Jesus: The Only Truth on Trial

June 6 2021
Book: Mark

Bible Passage: Mark 14:53–65


Jesus knows what it feels like when trusted friends follow at a distance, accusations don’t add up, and the truth is ignored.


  1. Led to the High Priest: A Distant Disciple (vs. 53-54)
  2. Seeking Testimony: Nothing Adds Up (vs. 55-59)
  3. Have you No Answer: Ignoring the Facts (vs. 60-65)

Discussion Questions

Worship by renewing our minds:
  • Where is Peter as they led Jesus to the high priest?
  • What is the common denominator in all of the testimonies against Jesus in verses 55-59?
  • What causes the high priest to tear his garment? What does Jesus say?
Grow by engaging our hearts with God’s Word:
  • How would you describe your distance from Jesus these days? If you had to describe it in location language, how far do you feel Jesus is away from you these days?
  • When was the last time that people “bore false witness about you?” When was the last time people did not follow God’s commands in trying to prove that you did not follow God’s commands? How does Jesus’ response help you prepare for your response?
  • Why do we find it strange when others persecute us, or we suffer for righteousness sake? Isn’t this what we see from the New Testament writers? Just like Jesus was living out the OT why are we surprised as we live out the New Testament?
Serve a hurting world by enlisting our bodies:
  • What passages of Scripture help you when you are treated unjustly? Come prepared to discuss what passages and why they are helpful.
  • What would it look/sound like to draw near to God this week?
  • How would you share the hope of this passage with a friend or neighbour this week? What would you tell them about the hope of Jesus even in betrayal?