He is Coming: Be Ready!

April 18 2021
Book: Mark

Bible Passage: Mark 13:28-37


Be on your guard. Jesus is coming back; what you hope in and how you live really does matter!


  1. Fig Tree: The Fall of Jerusalem (vs. 28-31)
  2. A Journey: The Second Coming of the Son of Man (vs. 32-37)

Discussion Questions

Worship by renewing our minds:
  • Where were we looking in God’s Word? Summarize it in your own words.
  • Did you have any questions about certain words, the text, or what was said?
  • What do you think God wants us to understand about this section of Scripture? What is the purpose of including it in the Bible (How does it point to Jesus)?
  • What are the two analogies/illustrations that Jesus gives?
  • How does Jesus use these analogies to teach about what is going to happen?
  • What makes verse 37 both exciting and scary all at the same time?
Grow by engaging our hearts with God’s Word:
  • How does your heart respond when people start talking about the “End Times”?
  • What are you giving your time to these days? What or who, if taken away from you tomorrow, would leave you devastated? Humiliated? Broken?
  • When was a time in your life where you gave a lot of time and effort towards something or someone only to see it pass away?
  • Do you believe our culture is helping us or hindering us from being spiritually vigilant during times of suffering and hardship?
Serve a hurting world by enlisting our bodies:
  • What things in your life help keep you from putting your hope, trust, happiness, etc. in something that is passing away or will pass away?
  • What things in your life help you to keep watch on the rehearsal of your thoughts, the desires of your heart, and the habitual actions of your body?
  • How do you plan on combating spiritual and physical laziness this week?