Growing Together: Unity

January 31 2021

Bible Passage: Ephesians 4:1-16


The body of Christ grows when each part is speaking the truth in love to one another.


  1. Walk Worthy of your Calling: Unity (vs.1-6)
  2. Christ’s Gift: People (vs.7-13)
  3. Grow in Every Way: Mind, Heart, and Body (vs.14-16)

Discussion Questions

Thinking (What does the Word of God say, “Exegesis”?) Head:
  • Where were we looking in God’s Word? Summarize it in your own words.
  • Did you have any questions about certain words, the text, or what was said?
  • What do you think God wants us to understand about this section of Scripture? What is the purpose of including it in the Bible (How does it point to Jesus)?
  • How does he describe walking worthy in verses 2-3?
  • Who are the gifted people that Jesus gives to the church in verses 11? What are they supposed to use their giftedness for (v.12)?
  • According to verses 13-14, what is the goal of the equipping the body?
  • What is the end goal of speaking the truth in love to one another?
Attitude (My pattern of response to God and His Word, “Hermeneutic”) Heart:
  • What are your thoughts about this phrase, “Church is not a spectator’s sport! There is a real destination that we are shooting for but can only get there if we go together.” Agree? Disagree? Why?
  • What is the biggest hurdle that keeps you from using God’s gift in you to minister to His people?
  • One of the key elements to growth is speaking the truth in love. Do you find yourself focusing more on speaking “truth” or “love” to people?
  • What aspects of growth do you think need attention at Central? How can we grow better together?
Behaviour (How does Jesus want to change me, what will His truth look/sound like in my life? “Application”) Hands:
  • What is your gifting? How are you going to use it here at Central to equip and architect the body of Christ?
  • What does it sound like to speak the truth?
  • What does it sound like to speak the truth in love?
  • Do you feel like your giftedness lends more towards worship (renewing the mind with Scripture), growth (engaging the heart through Christ-centred conversation), or service (enlisting the body to share the gospel with our neighbours)?