Crying Out For Help!

August 14 2022

Speaker: Mike Rummey

Bible Passage: Habakkuk 1-3


When we witness injustice and experience oppression, we should cry out to God who is sovereign and able to do what we cannot. Then, we should faithfully wait with eager expectation for God to move while trusting in His plan and goodness.


  1. How long must I cry out, Lord? (vs. 1:2-4)
    • Cry out to the One who is able
    • Expect a response
  2. Be utterly astounded (vs. 1:5-11)
    • God’s response is unexpected and confusing
    • Knowledge of God helps us to trust His plan
    • Renew our perspective to see the situation from a biblical light
  3. Hear and tremble (vs. 3:16-19)
    • Be awed by God’s sovereignty, majesty and wisdom
    • What God has done, He will do again
    • Hope and trust even if it gets worse
    • Rejoice in the God of our salvation