Deacon Nomination 2023

Nomination of Deacons

January 16, 2023

Dear Church Member,

The nomination of Deacons will be through our website or by mail-in printed ballot again this year. Members with email addresses listed with the Church will receive notification and instructions for completing the nomination ballot on-line. Our members without email access will be mailed a nomination package containing this letter, the Background for Deacons’ Elections information sheet excerpt from our Church Bylaw document, one ballot per qualified member, and a stamped return envelope. Ballots submitted by return mail need to be received at the church by January 31, 2023.

The items listed below will be on the church website. If you are reading this in hard copy, please find the following enclosed items:

a) The Nomination of Deacons letter dated January 16, 2023

b) The Background for Deacons’ Elections information sheet excerpt from our Church Bylaw document

c) One Deacon Nomination 2023 ballot per person in your household who is a qualified member of Central Baptist Church Brantford. The ballot lists the male members eligible for nomination to be a Deacon of Central Baptist Church Brantford

d) A stamped and addressed return envelope

Those eighteen (18) years of age or older in the membership of Central Baptist Church Brantford Inc. are permitted to participate in the nomination of up to but not more than twelve (12) men for the position of Deacon. This year there are eleven (11) vacant positions on the Board of Deacons.

Nominations will be processed in accordance with our bylaw, and a list of nominees will be posted by February 12, 2023.

The Election of Deacons will be held at the Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday, February 26, 2023.

Please review the spiritual guidelines listed on the Background for Deacons’ Elections

Page (over leaf), and then seek God’s guidance as you consider those whom God would have in these positions of service.

Deacon Election Committee 2023

Joel Cooper, Trevor Eason, Paul Nicholson

The following information sheet excerpt from our Church Bylaw document MUST be read prior to selecting names from the ballot below.

Background for Deacons’ Elections – Bylaw excerpt


The Board is an operational committee of between seven (7) and fifteen (15) male Church members, who serve without remuneration, elected to carry out the spiritual, administrative and temporal determinations of the Church membership and provide recommendations and guidance thereto. For corporation purposes, the Board of Deacons is also the Board of Directors. At least two (2) of the Deacons must not be Officers or employees of the Church.

A Church member in good standing may be nominated for election to the Board if the member fulfils all of the following qualifications, as determined by the Board.  The member must:
           (a) be giving evidence of a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and be in full agreement with the Church Articles and By-laws;
           (b) be at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
           (c) have active, positive, past and present involvement within the Church;
           (d) fulfill Deacon qualifications in I Timothy 3:8 -12 and Acts 6:2-4;
           (e) recognize that the role of Deacon is that of a servant of the  people, requiring commitment to humble service, and that it includes not only administrative service, but active participation in and leadership of ministries of the Church;
           (f) not be, or be directly related to [cf. 1(1)] the senior pastor, associate pastor(s), the principal of Central Baptist Academy or Auditor.
           (g) notwithstanding the above, 75 per cent of Board members shall not be employees of Central Baptist Church Brantford.

Step 1
The Board shall compile a slate of nominees which includes all members qualified for the position of Deacon, as determined by the Board and as per 13 above. No member may be eliminated from the slate unless there is just cause, reviewed “in camera” and supported by a majority of the Board.

Step 2
Said slate shall be posted at least two (2) weeks in advance of the election of Deacons (at the Annual Members’ Meeting in February), so that nominees may decide whether or not to accept the nomination.

Step 3
The final slate of nominees accepting nomination shall be presented to the Church membership by the Board Chair at the Annual Meeting, for a term as per Section 15 below.

Optional Step
Pursuant to the Act, one or more additional nominations may be made if the nominee meets the qualifications as per 13 above (as determined by the Board) and has agreed to accept the nomination.
The nominator may:
            i. send a written Proposal [cf. 11.01(e)] to the Board at least one month in advance of the election, along with the written agreement of the nominee(s) to accept the nomination, or
            ii. make a motion from the floor.

15.01 Basic Term:
An elected Deacon shall hold office for a term of three (3) consecutive years, beginning March 01, except when completing a term in a new or previously-vacated, mid-term position.

15.02 Rotation:
Each year, one-third (1/3) of the Deacons (who have served for three (3) years) shall retire from the Board and elections will be held, as per 14 above, to fill those positions.

15.03 Maximum Term:
There is no limit to the number of terms for which a qualified Member may be re-elected.

Electronic Ballot

This electronic ballot is to be filled out by only qualified members of Central Baptist Church Brantford. The ballot lists the eligible male members for nomination to be a Deacon of Central Baptist Church Brantford. (See ineligibility notes below.)

Please provide us with your contact information as indicated to assist us with your membership verification. Thank you.

The deadline for Deacon Nominations has now passed.

The names of the male members listed below, aged 21+ as of January 1, 2023, do not appear for nomination on the grid above because they are currently serving deacons, or are ineligible for service on the Board of Deacons in accordance with our Bylaw.

Minne Bouma, Michael Bussen, Jay Callaghan, Joel Cooper, Trevor Eason, Patrick Hart, Jeremy Heikkinen, Lars Janssen, Bill Kaufman, George King, Paul Nicholson, Elias Omer, Alan Rietberg, David Schmidt, Damon Shanks, Caleb Staats, Harold Vanderlip, Stephen Willson

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